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Need to contact us?  Here are a few frequently asked questions that might be helpful to start:

Q:  Am I registered to vote?

A:  After you mail your voter registration form to your Secretary of State it is their responsibility to data enter the form and make sure you are on the rolls. Check out your state’s contact information here and give them a call to find out if you’re set.

Q: I haven’t received my voter registration card, what should I do?

A: It usually takes 6-8 weeks for the state to send out your voter card. If 8 weeks have passed and you haven't received your card, you probably are not registered and should call your state to make sure your registration went through properly. 

Q: How do I/my organization/my school get involved with or partner with Rock the Vote?

A: Great, we’d love to work with you – a couple of options. We are a small organization with limited staff resources, but we’d like to be helpful in anyway we can


To volunteer with Rock the Vote sign up here and we’ll be in touch about opportunities in your area.
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