Rock the Vote has served as the leader in engaging young people in politics for over two decades. We have remained a leader because of people like you! This year Rock the Vote is focused on registering voters, educating young people about the importance of voting and, turning out younger voters to the polls.

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Your voice is powerful – and that’s why we need your help.

Rock the Vote is fighting to make it easier for everyone to participate in elections. We need your help to spread the word.
Let your friends know they can register to vote online. Together we will decide the future of our country. But not unless we vote!

There are three things you can do right now to spread the word.

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Voting should be awesome, but it won’t be unless we pay...
Voting should be awesome, but it won’t be unless we pay attention and demand that leaders all over the country take a strong stand and #ProtectVoting from restrictive voting laws that disproportionately affect people of...

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Voting should be awesome. It should be easy, fun, inclusive, and...
Voting should be awesome. It should be easy, fun, inclusive, and the ultimate way to express your individual voice. But some people are trying to make it harder for young people and people of color to vote, and it’s...

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Rock the Vote's Adventures at Lolla 2014
Wildcat! Wildcat! with RTV Prez. Ashley Spillane rocking our vintage-inspired Rock the Vote tees provided by our awesome partner, Junk Food Clothing What’s better than registering voters? Registering voters while you...

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Rock the Vote Takes Lollapalooza
Rock the Vote will be partying and registering at Lollapalooza this weekend! If you’re in Chicago, make sure to stop by our table and say hey! Can’t make it to the Windy City? We’ve got you covered....

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Ready Your Keyboards... Get Set... Hack
Here at Rock the Vote, we like to think of ourselves as the MacGyvers of voter registration. Whenever we see a problem that makes it hard or confusing for young people to vote, we’re on it with lightning speed. We were...

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Here It Is: A Definitive Explanation For Why Your Parents Don’t Get You
Feeling misunderstood? Politicians are always trying to engage young people and get them to show up on Election Day. But the secret to engaging Millennials may be as simple as it sounds: speak their language.   A new...

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