Rock The Vote has served as the leader in engaging young people in politics for over two decades. We have remained a leader because of people like you! This year Rock The Vote is focused on registering voters, educating young people about the importance of voting and, turning out younger voters to the polls.

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Rock the Vote is fighting to make it easier for everyone to participate in elections. We need your help to spread the word.
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Ready Your Keyboards... Get Set... Hack
Here at Rock the Vote, we like to think of ourselves as the MacGyvers of voter registration. Whenever we see a problem that makes it hard or confusing for young people to vote, we’re on it with lightning speed. We were the innovators behind...

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Here It Is: A Definitive Explanation For Why Your Parents Don’t Get You
Feeling misunderstood? Politicians are always trying to engage young people and get them to show up on Election Day. But the secret to engaging Millennials may be as simple as it sounds: speak their language.   A new poll from the Reason...

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These states are trying to stop young people from voting
By: Ashley Spillane, president of Rock the Vote (As seen in the Washington Post) Earlier this year, North Carolina lawmakers passed a bill aimed at stifling the newfound political muscle of their youngest eligible voters. The package of laws,...

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California Is About To Make Your Sweet Sixteen A Little Sweeter
If you couldn’t guess, we love it when young people vote. That’s kinda our thing. So when we heard that a proposed bill in California would let 16-year-olds pre-register to vote, we were like “awwwww, yeah!” Enter state Senate Bill 113. This is the...

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One Year After The Supreme Court's Ruling On The Voting Rights Act, What's Next?
Engraved on the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C. is the phrase “What’s Past Is Prologue,” lifted from Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. While it is sometimes easier, and certainly more encouraging, to focus on the future of voting rights...

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Virginia Just Made Voting Easier For 9,000 Students At Virginia Tech
In America today, a college student can look up the location of a local pizza joint, read reviews, and place an order without taking a step outside. Technology has paved the way for limitless opportunities—ordering a pie is just the beginning. But...

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