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Wisconsin Gets To Enforce Restrictive Voter ID Law, With One Big Twist
08/27/16 |
Publication Date: 
Saturday, August 27, 2016 - 00:00

A federal appeals...court accepted assurances from the state of Wisconsin that its Division of Motor Vehicles would “mail automatically a free photo ID to anyone who comes to DMV one time and initiates the free ID process.” ...

The 7th Circuit stressed that mere “initiation” of this process ― showing up at the DMV, regardless of what documentation the prospective voter has ― was enough for a voter to receive a voting credential at no cost.

But this also presupposes that affected voters, especially those of lesser means or without transportation, actually can make it to a DMV location [when it's open]. Or that the state will actually keep voters informed that this mechanism even exists.

Breaking: 7th Circuit Refuses En Banc in Both WI #VoterID Cases; No More Changes Unless #SCOTUS Intervenes
08/26/16 |
Publication Date: 
Friday, August 26, 2016 - 13:30

A unanimous 7th Circuit issued this order en banc refusing to place the affidavit requirement to soften voter id back into effect at this point, and rejecting the other cross appeals. This would leave only the Supreme Court as a place to go to appeal, and relief there seems quite unlikely ...

The reason the 7th Circuit was unanimous, and did not split badly as it did in the first round of the Frank v. Walker litigation (when the Court split 5-5 over the facial unconstitutionality of Wisconsin’s voter id law), is that thanks to the One Wisconsin Now litigation, for the upcoming election, Wisconsin is going to make it easy for people to get a temporary id from the DMV

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Voting as a Student

As a student, you have a constitutional right to register and vote in the place you truly consider to be “home” — whether that’s your parents’ house, your apartment, or your dorm room. But before you make the important decision about where to vote, make sure you know the voting rules (and sometimes consequences) of registering to vote in that state.

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