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Judge OKs voter registration rules in 3 states for now
06/30/16 |
Publication Date: 
Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 17:30

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon sided against a coalition of voting rights groups that sued a U.S. elections official who changed the proof-of-citizenship requirements on the federal registration form at the request of [Kansas, Georgia and Alabama] and without public notice. Residents of other states only need to swear that they are citizens, not show proof.

Leon refused to issue a temporary injunction sought by voting rights advocates to overturn the move by Brian Newby, the executive director of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, until the case can be decided on its merits at trial. No trial date has been set. ...

Newby took the top job in November at a government agency entrusted with making voting more accessible, then months later used the federal position to implement the obstacle to voter registration in three states.

Judge: Impact of Wisconsin voter ID law unclear
07/01/16 |
Publication Date: 
Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 12:15

A federal judge said Thursday there are few clear guidelines for how to rule on parts of a challenge to Wisconsin's voting rules, while also questioning how much of an effect the state's voter ID law has had on elections. ...

"One reasonable view of the evidence here is much of these changes were motivated by an interest in securing partisan advantage," [U.S. District Judge James Peterson] said. ...

But Peterson also said he was concerned the state had not produced evidence from Republican lawmakers explaining their justifications for the voter ID law and other election regulations. He noted GOP lawmakers were presented with concerns about the effect the laws would have on minorities but did not appear to provide a thoughtful response.


Let’s be real – there’s a lot at stake EVERY year. That’s why we #RockTheVote

When we #RockTheVote, we embrace the challenge to define tomorrow.

We are powerful. We are aware. We are on it.

To #RockTheVote means ensuring our voices are heard. It means knowing what’s on the ballot, keeping tabs on current events, and registering to vote at our current address. It means volunteering to encourage our families, friends and communities to #RocktheVote. And on Election Day, we #RocktheVote!

It’s too important to stay on the sidelines. With the ballot, the franchise, as our strongest tool, we can create the future we want for our families, our communities and ourselves.

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