Voter Registration Tools Demo

Here is how the Rock the Vote voter registration tool works:

1) Sign up to customize your tool, and then receive short html code for embedding the widget on your website.

Sample Website

2) When a visitor clicks on your button, the customized voter registration tool appears above your website, allowing the applicant to register without ever leaving your site!

OVR Sample

3) Rock the Vote will generate a voter registration application, complete with the local election office mailing address, for the applicant. To complete the process, the applicant will need to print, sign, and mail in the form.

Note: Customizable emails will follow, to remind the applicant to mail their signed application.

Try it out!

Demo a registration tool using your own test data.


Button above will spawn a new window linking to our “Clark Kent County” sample website. Click on the “register to vote” button and have at it. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t sign and mail, you won’t be re-registering.

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