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State-wide online voter registration technology

Rock the Vote has partnered with and supported online voter registration efforts around the country throughout the last ten years. Twenty states have now deployed, or plan to implement, online voter registration, and their experience offers valuable lessons for the future. Below, we offer two key resources for state officials, drawing on our extensive experience.

First, we provide a white paper that describes the best long-term approach to online voter registration: a simple, durable OVR platform that states can use, in coordination with proven partners, to securely receive voter registrations from a variety of programming. This approach offers significant benefits, beyond many of the first-generation OVR systems in use today.

Second, for states working to set up new – or improve existing – OVR systems, we offer a free, proven and open source software. This software can be immediately implemented and our technology partners at the TrustTheVote Project are available to help!

1) A Simple, Durable OVR Platform

States can receive online registration applications securely— from designated government agencies, universities, popular websites, and organizations like Rock the Vote — by building an OVR platform. A simple platform approach will dramatically expand states’ reach by driving new registrations securely through a wide range of online sites, mobile applications, and other programming.

Tech Flow

A new white paper — Connected OVR: A Simple, Durable Approach to Online Voter Registration — details existing state laws and technologies, and recommends the creation of simple, durable OVR platforms. The paper addresses how states can leverage the expertise of its designated partners while retaining full control on the registration process.

Download our white paper about OVR platforms and their implementation.

2) Online Voter Registration Software

Rock the Vote and TrustTheVote Project have an existing, proven, and complete solution that any state can use, or at a minimum leverage, to create a state-level online voter registration system. This software (source code) is provided under an open source royalty-free license at no charge.

Learn more, demo the software and get the open source code today.