Frequently Asked Questions about the Voter Registration Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

About the voter registration platform

Where do I signup for my own widget?
You can sign up at
Where can I access the embed code for my widget?
Go to and click “Customize Tool.” From there, you will see a link to “Get Your Embed Code.”
Can I change the order of the registration steps?
Not with the basic widget. You can use our API and customize the front-end however you’d like though!
Can I change the logo on the header?
Yes. You can add a small logo to the header area via the partner portal website.
Can I change the look and feel of the widget (background color/ fonts/ button colors and sizes/ width of the overall tool/ background graphics, etc.)?
Yes. Customization is a feature of the Branded Widget. Call Rock the Vote at (202) 719-9910 to set up a consultation.
Can I include an email/mobile/volunteer opt-in checkbox for our own list building?
Can I change the copy around the opt-ins?
No. The name you specify when signing up for an OVR tool is automatically pulled into the opt-in name. (i.e., receive emails from “Partner Name”.)
Can I turn off the Rock the Vote opt-ins?
Some customization is available – please discuss with us!
Where can I find and download raw data for folks that opted in?
Log in to your partner tool dashboard and click on the “download data” button. (You can also pull list through secure API call after requesting a key from Rock The Vote).
What does Rock the Vote send to someone that registers to vote?
Rock The Vote will immediately send a confirmation email with a link to their completed PDF application and information for their Secretary of State. Five days later, they will receive a reminder email.
Are the emails different for states with online registration?
Can I customize the body of those emails?
Some customization is available – please discuss with us!
Can I change the from email address?
Yes. Set up a consultation with Rock the Vote to learn more.
Does Rock the Vote send other emails to users that come through our OVR tool?
Only if the user opts in for Rock the Vote email.