Mo "Rocking the Calls"

Check out Mo "rocking the calls!" He's a student from American University and stopped by our DC phonebank this morning (for 2 hours!) to help us make calls to young voters and give them one final reminder to get to the polls today. He was looking for some way to make a difference this election and to get more involved, but didn't really know how! Luckily, Chris Naylon, one of Rock the Vote's all-star fall interns, found him on campus and got him signed up for our Election Day phonebank. In two hours, he helped us reach our first goal for the day - 1000 calls by 11:00AM. Unfortunately, Mo had to leave and go to class for a bit. But he had so much fun - and a commitment to turning out other young voters, of course...that he came back! And he actually just made Rock the Vote's 4,025th call for the day. His second time on the phones, everyone that he talked to had already voted! There's another 23 voters right there.

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When you #GoVote be ready to #VideoTheVote

As important as it is to get to the polls and to cast your ballot this Tuesday, it is also important to document anything that stands between you and your ballot being counted. It could be long lines, confusing ID requirements, voting machine breakdowns or even intimidation. If you encounter problems, all you have to do is shoot, tag and share. Shoot any problems you come across or any concerns that fellow voters share with you using your smart-phone. Tag your stories #VideoTheVote Share your stories on your YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Ustream accounts. If you don’t have a smart-phone you can use a traditional camera and upload your stories directly to Sign up to be alerted of problems in your area on Election Day. We will report any incidents you document and we will feature your stories, along with others from across the country, in real time. Follow us @videothevote And remember, when you #GoVote be ready to #VideoTheVote


Election Day 2012

While the Rock the Vote Road Trip has come to an end, the journey isn't over just yet.  Over the course of 60 days  on the road, myself and the Road Trip crew had the awesome opportunity to hang with hundreds of thousands of young people in nearly 25 cities.

We'll never forget when we dubstepped through Florida with Far East Movement, rocked out in North Carolina with Motion City Soundtrack, and "rapped" up in Colorado with Raekwon and Theophilus London.  

It was truly an eye-opening experience bringing together artists and students to register and encourage so many young people to vote this all-important election year. No matter where we stopped in the U.S., one thing was always clear; there is an undeniable energy and excitement radiating from young voters coast to coast. These young people know that they are such a huge and important voting bloc -- one that can tilt this election -- and it was truly great to help them with the voting process.

Today is Election Day. Today is the day young people will have their voices heard and vote for the issues that matter to them. On the Road Trip, I met so many young people who were excited to register and were grateful to have a say in our democracy. Their enthusiasm makes me incredibly confident that nothing will stand in their way today. They will be heard. They will go to the polls. And together #WeWill Vote.