Student Voting Rights

If you are a college student, you have the right to vote where you go to college OR in the town where you grew up.  It’s ultimately your choice, but don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t vote in the place where you attend college.  It makes sense:  If you are a law abiding resident in a college town for four, five, maybe six years, pay taxes, and contribute to the local economy, then you have every right to vote in that town.

Unfortunately, students’ legal right to vote at college is often challenged.  Whether for political reasons or because someone is ignorant of the law, time and time again college students are challenged when trying to register or vote in their college towns.

Rock the Vote wants to make sure you know you have the right to vote where you attend college, and that we’re here to help.

Let us know if you’ve been challenged, or know someone who has been challenged.  You also should contact the Fair Elections Legal Network, a nonpartisan organization that works with a network of attorneys who can help voters who are being prevented from voting or registering to vote.

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