Overseas Rights

Are you an American citizen living outside the United States? Don't let your distance stop you from voting.  Check out the Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF) for more info on how you can vote. 

OVF provides special resources for young voters, and will help you find the requirements to cast a vote in your homestate. OVF offers:

  • An online overseas voter registration/ballot request tool, which prompts the user for information necessary to register to vote in accordance with his or her state's unique regulations and eliminates looking up specific state requirements.  Error checks occur during the process to ensure that the voter does not forget any required information. The program generates an official form in PDF format and provides the voter with the correct county election office address for mailing.
  • A Knowledge Base and Voter Help Desk
  • An Election Official Directory with contact information for the 7000+ election offices in the U.S. and its territories
  • A State-specific Voter Information Directory with state contact information; registration, ballot request and ballot return deadlines; delivery options for registrations and ballots
  • A user-generated news Section with links to young voter news
  • Links to nonpartisan candidate information, to young voter groups in the U.S. and to the Youth Vote Overseas Facebook group