The Voting Process

So you've registered to vote.  Now what?

I. Find Your Polling Place

Visit our election center for more information on where to vote.

II. Be prepared

Many states require some form of ID when you vote, usually ranging a student ID to a utility bill. Only three states -- Indiana, Georgia, Florida -- require a photo ID every time that you vote. Make sure you're prepared before you head to the polls. Keep in mind that the requirements may be different if it's your first time voting.

Click here for a state by state breakdown of ID requirements.

III. Don't leave without voting

You might find that when you get the polls a poll worker tells you your name isn't on the voter lists. Don't worry! If for some reason this happens, you can still vote with a provisional ballot. Here's a simple rule of thumb: if you get to the polls, don't leave without voting.

If you do cast a provisional ballot instead of a normal one, you'll probably need to follow up with the election authorities to prove that you are qualified to vote. Ask the poll-worker for instructions on how you can do so, or contact your Secretary of State's office