Michelle Clark
Bus Tour Manager
As an adrenaline junkie I love to find things in life that will challenge and excite me; I approach my career with the same motivation.  Born and raised in New York, and having lived in Boston for 5 years during college, I'm a northeastern girl at heart.  However, having been bit by the travel bug I've been fortunate enough to see almost every state in this country and have grown to appreciate what each place has to offer.  I love to push my own limits and in doing so have found a passion for skydiving, white water rafting and hang gliding - among others.  I love meeting new people and always try to see the glass as half full.  I'm so excited to hit the road with Rock the Vote and to take part in such an amazing experience.

Why you're excited to road trip!: When it comes to traveling I embrace the fact that, no matter what my plan may be, it’s the spontaneous and sudden changes that make the trip worthwhile.  Starting when I was little my family always took road trips.  When we went on vacations we never flew.  It was a way of extending the experience and learning about new places.  It’s not surprising that I’d grow into an adult who loves to travel and is lucky enough to do it for a living.  I love being on the road, seeing new places, and most importantly, meeting new people.  For me, what makes a road trip memorable is what you make of the journey.  Some of my best experiences have come from some of the most unexpected places.  I’ve had my best memories walking around ghost towns along Route 66, seeing the sunrise along the coast of Maine, and getting soaked while walking around in rainy Seattle.  To me, it’s not the typical tourist attractions that make trips memorable.   Instead, it’s the things you don’t plan and I can't wait to see what Rock the Vote has in store!

Aaron Methvin
Tour Manager
Aaron Methvin is a tour veteran with over 5 years of experience. With skills ranging from managing teams of 60 brand ambassadors, to on site photo/AV capture, to social media, he has proved himself to be a great asset to any tour. Aaron's work can be seen everywhere, from his four years of leading crews in setting up the National Dog Show (televised on Thanksgiving Day), to donning a costume and portraying Michelangelo on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 25th anniversary tour.  In his rare spare time, Aaron pursues his love of photography and music.

Jay McClocklin
Tour Manager
Jay McClocklin, attended Missouri State University and graduated with a Marketing Advertising/Promotions degree. His career in the mobile/event marketing industry began in 2007. Jay has had the opportunity to become involved in tours promoting Hallmark, Shell, Purina, Nike, Pokémon, RayMarine, Bud Light, and Budweiser. The event marketing industry is a great fit for Jay's personality because he considers himself to be very energetic, outgoing, and resourceful. Some interests outside of work are golf, hockey, softball, fishing, and wakeboarding.

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