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Just like an amazing untouched getaway spot, Vacationer is a little bit of a  secret — one that's about to be discovered. Describing their sound is like a journey in itself: starting in the band's melodic hometown of Philly, stopping off for a few days in Canada for a dose of epic pop, swinging by Malibu to soak up those gauzy '60s harmonies then jetting to Tahiti to settle in with some island - tinged rhythms. In this overloaded musical climate, Vacationer requests that you, the listener, think of the album as an audio postcard. What you'll hear is a fresh new sound filled with rich sonic arrangements, mesmerizing beats and smart, daydream-inducing songs. You'll definitely sing along. It'll take you away from your day for awhile. And that's precisely the point. 

Assassins Creed III
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