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The Indecent may technically be teenagers, but you’d never know that from listening to their music. The group’s triplets—singer Emily Brout, guitarist Bo Brout and bassist Madeline Brout—have been honing their craft for a decade, and with the addition of drummer Nicholas Burrows they’re ready to carry the torch as the next generation of righteous rockers.

The Brouts grew up in New York City, influenced by the sounds of Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath and Jefferson Airplane from an early age. “Growing up we all naturally got into rock music; that was really the only thing we agreed on so we built our relationships on that foundation,” Madeline explains. “I think the New York and Brooklyn music scenes have changed a lot since the ‘70s but it’s still such a creative place and that always drove us.”   The Brouts discovered guitars at the age of eight and started writing songs as a hobby, eventually becoming The Indecent when producer/A&R Tim Sommer—who helped develop acts like the Beastie Boys and Maroon 5—paired the group up with Windsor, Canada-based Burrows.  The son of a drummer, Burrows and the Brouts quickly discovered that they had the same musical heroes and immediately solidified The Indecent’s developing sound.

The Indecent started posting their homemade recordings online and immediately began drawing comparisons that ranged from grunge icons like Nirvana to proto-punk acts like Patti Smith. Tracks like the brooding “25 Steps” helped attract an active and devoted online following.  Other bands took notice as well, and began recruiting The Indecent to join them on the road. Without a booking agent, the foursome has toured throughout the UK, landing on the cover of British fashion mag Disorder, and recently they took the stage in New York City for Joey Ramone’s Annual Birthday Bash at Webster Hall. Eventually their demos ended up on the desk of Warner Bros Records chairman and acclaimed producer Rob Cavallo. “We were just sitting around, and all of the sudden we got a call from Rob asking if we wanted to come to Los Angeles and record and we couldn’t believe it,” Emily explains. “I still almost can’t believe it even as I say that.”

Recorded at Lightning Sound and East West recording studios in LA with Cavallo and Julian Raymond, their debut EP is five songs of unbridled energy and aggression that’s rooted in rock’s gritty past while still stretching toward its future. From the sneering sonic punch of “Lucky Ones” to the radio-ready grandiosity of “Hear Them Fear Them,” the EP conveys the band’s personality and passion with every note. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that every second of this recording sounds absolutely huge.

Emily says her lyrics, which are rich in metaphor without being too cryptic, are inspired by the poetry she writes during her free time. “When we write a song usually I take out my journal and find some paragraphs that match up with the lyrics and then make the melodies from there.  It all starts with the words for me,” she explains. “I tend to write about the questions that I can’t really answer - I use lyric writing as a release because it helps me get out what I’m feeling inside, which is why you can tell I mean what I’m saying onstage.”

While most bands today struggle to be accepted in an already established scene, the Indecent take pride in the fact that they don’t fit in anywhere neatly. “We’re not a pop-punk act but we’re also not like a typical Brooklyn band so I feel like we can appeal to both of those crowds,” Madeline explains. “I think we developed that sound because when we started out we were so young that we couldn’t really be part of a scene because I don’t think many people will take you seriously when you’re sixteen…it’s hard enough when you’re eighteen.”

If these songs are any indication people will have no choice but to take The Indecent seriously. With their full-length debut scheduled to come out in 2013, get ready to hear a lot more about the band in the months to come.

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