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"Being able to perform at an institution such as Duke is an honor. The prestige that it upholds, from academia to sports to legacy is more than enough to be excited about. Add that to what this particular event represents and it's a win-win. Encouraging our generation to vote is job 1 for me on 9/6, and if I can do that through my performance then its worth every minute that I'm on stage."

On the road with Rock the Vote:

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Skyzoo is a skillful MC from Brooklyn, NY. Known for his consistency and intricate wordplay, his projects 'The Salvation' (2009) and 'Live from the Tape Deck' (2010) gained him critical acclaim. His sophomore LP 'A Dream Deferred' will be released on October 2nd through The Faculty/Duck Down Music Inc. The project features Talib Kweli, Jill Scott, Raheem Devaughn & Freeway.

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