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1. Don't Pass Me By ft. Esthero Spree Wilson The Never Ending Now Hip Hop / Indie / Rock 2:45
2. Love You Better Spree Wilson The Never Ending Now Hip Hop / Indie / Rock 3:55
3. Transistion ft. Novel Spree Wilson The Never Ending Now Hip Hop / Indie / Rock 4:00

Spree Spree Wilson

Tell us about your first concert experience:
(Laughs) Well my first concert experience, if I remember correctly, had to have been Sesame Street Live. I remember it like it was yesterday. If im not mistaken it was "Big Bird's Sesame Street Story" and I had to have been around 6 yrs old. I can remember it being such a big deal to me that I practically begged my mother to get tickets for what could have been a month prior to the show arriving in Nashville. It was held at a place in Nashville called Municipal Auditorium and it was the first time I had ever experienced such a big production before. I feel like I may have sung along to all the songs also, but i'm not really sure. I'm not sure how cool Sesame Street is as someone's first concert, but at the time it was practically the biggest thing in my 6yr old universe! *laughs*

If you couldn’t be a musician, what would you be doing instead?
I'm pretty sure if I hadn't become a musician, I would probably be working in the animation field. Maybe for Pixar or even Disney possibly. I grew up an only child and very much a loner and what could be considered an "Outsider" to what the "cool" crowd was. My only form of escape was music and film, especially the classic Disney animated films. I always use to wonder as a kid what it would have been like had I got the opportunity to create my own Disney animated film. I think I may have even sketched my own ideas and characters with a story line that I created myself. I wish I knew where those old sketches were now.

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?
I grew up a HUGE Beatles fan, so it would have to be John Lennon. He's my absolute hero and his solo work as well as his groups output have had a tremendous effect on the way I approach my own music. Plus I know the stories he would have to share would be priceless!

If you became President, what is the first action you would take?
Ideally, I would get the ball rolling to ensure that everyone would be able to receive some form of healthcare. A large number of people hold off on receiving treatments for illnesses simply because they don't have healthcare and can't afford to pay the huge cost it takes to get checked out by a doctor, which is tragic, especially in 2011.

What social cause is closest to your heart?
The one social cause that hits home is Homelessness. It's the one thing that hurts me to my core..seeing another human being sleeping on the street, or knowing there is a kid going hungry with no where to go to have a decent meal. It always perplexes me how we (America) are one of the richest countries in the world, yet there are SO many people who go daily without a meal. Without a decent place to sleep. Without somewhere to shower or call their own. I've been homeless before and I know how it feels to feel completely helpless in that situation.

What does the right to vote mean to you?
It means you have a voice. The choice to exercise that right is completely up to the individual, but it does give people a chance to be heard and it's another piece of freedom that many in other places may not be as fortunate to have.

What bands or artists did you listen to when you were in high school? And which bands or artists influenced your style the most?
I'm sure I spent my time listening to an array of different artist/bands. Especially growing up in the 90's. I practically listened to everything from Nirvana, Bjork, and The Pixies to Outkast, Too Short and Wu-Tang. And of course I was in love with the classics like Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Motown, etc..I would say The Beatles and Outkast have had the biggest influence on me musically.

What activity or group were you involved with in high school that might surprise people today?
I remember my freshman year, my mother "encouraged" (which mean's she forcefully me to join the debate team. It was something that I started off really hating, but eventually started to see the benefits of... namely, how to get a certain point across in a very concise manner. It helped me win a lot of arguments against my mom a couple of years later when trying to persuade her to use the

What's the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in high school? (could be personal or academic)
The biggest obstacle I had to overcome in high school was just becoming comfortable with how different I was from my peers and realizing it was okay to be so and that was what ultimately made me unique. I was such a loner and a misfit who felt terribly misunderstood at times, that it was difficult to interact with my peers without feeling like an oddball. It was definitely a growing/learning process in understanding and trying to find my place in the world.

Do you do any volunteer or community work when you're not on tour?
Yes, I often go out on the weekends and feed the homeless or do as much a I possibly can at a local shelter. There is so much more that I wish I could do to curve homelessness, but I understand that I must takes one step at a time in trying to rectify it.

What change would you like to see in our society in the next year?
Hopefully a step closer to eliminating hate and an even closer step to promoting love for all.

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