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1. T.O.N.Y. Solange R&B/Soul 3:53 Listen Listen
2. Sandcastle Disco Solange R&B/Soul 4:28 Listen Listen
3. God Given Name Solange R&B/Soul 2:51 Listen Listen

Solange Solange

Perceptions are not always based in reality, and nobody knows this better than me.  With the release of my sophomore album,   SoL-AngeL & The Hadley Street Dreams (Music World Entertainment/Geffen Records), I am ready to have every listener step into my very personal field of dreams - minus the preconceived notions.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “biography” as the written history of someone's life.  Well, I figured no one would be able to tell this story better than I could, which is why this won't be a traditional artist bio.

My father once brought me to this piece of land in downtown Houston. He said he was building a compound there for his record label, along with a studio for me to write and record my music. When I looked at this city block, all I could see was this empty lot with an old plantation home in a homeless and drug infested area, but he had a vision and a dream that he held onto and made into reality.  This location is now the headquarters for a project he started in the spare bedroom of my childhood home. The name of the street is Hadley St. and this is indeed where I started the making of my album.  It was an eye opener and an evolution for me as an artist.  I felt the bravery in making music that inspired me and started to pull out my old records from Shuggie Otis, Marvin Gaye, and Otis Redding - artists that had messages and melodies that spoke to me.  I experimented with the soul of that type of music by adding subtle electronic influences I picked up along the way from traveling and spending so much time in London and France.  I decided that lyrically I would tell my story, with hopes to inspire and most importantly spare no punches in holding back.

If I had to describe the sound of my record, I would like to think that it is as if The Supremes, The Marvelettes, Dusty Springfield and Minnie Riperton were to make the music they did in the 60's and 70's now, with a modern touch.



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