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Song Name Artist Album Genre Time
1. Butch Saint Motel ForPlay Alternative 3:18
2. Dear Dictator Saint Motel ForPlay Alternative 4:09
3. To My Enemies Saint Motel ForPlay Alternative 4:20

saint_motel Saint Motel

Tell us about your first concert experience.
A/J: Hmm, I have a lot of random memories of early concerts but here’s one I just conjured up:  I was about 11 at the time and my friend I had tickets to this big Christmas concert in Minneapolis, my home town.  We were always a bit devious and decided to sneak in to the pit/VIP area.  I believe G Love & Special Sauce was playing at the time. The VIP wristbands were white with blue stripes and I noticed that matched my Pepsi soda cup that I had bought at the concession stand. 

We ripped the cup into two strips and used chewing gum to secure them as bands around our wrists.  The security guards at the VIP entrance checked our wrist bands and of course we nonchalantly showed them a little glimpse.  We made it in right at G Love was done.  We were so excited!  We got to the center of the pit area and started to notice that the people around us were very large, very muscular, and quite often wearing spiked jewelry of sorts (collars, wristbands).

A large gentleman next to us, bent down and asked us our age.  We told him and he laughed and said, “that’s awesome!”.  Then his smile faded and he looked positively glum.  He looked at us and said, “you boys should probably get out of this pit.  It’s going to get messy.”

We thought about it for a second and then heeded his advice and not a moment too soon as right at that second Danzig blasted into a mosh pit enticing shred fest.

If you couldn’t be a musician, what would you be doing instead?
Astronaut has always been the end goal.  But I suppose those two aren’t mutually exclusive.  Everyone in Saint Motel has a lot of other interests and professional hats than just musician, but nothing that we are as passionate about.

We met in film school and we’re all working by day in the entertainment industry in some aspect, so if we weren’t playing music we’d probably be focusing more on film.  We recently made six music videos for the six songs on our debut EP, “ForPlay” that come with the CD. 

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Probably Beethoven.  I’m sure the music we’d come up with would be unbelievable.  Plus it would be fun to introduce him to hip hop.

If you became President, what is the first action you would take?
I would make a very powerful speech about the actions I would take in the upcoming years.  The speech would end up being much more powerful then the actions I ultimately took.

What social cause is closest to your heart?
Environmentalism and safe sex.

What does the right to vote mean to you?
An essential part of living in a free country.  We are fortunate to have the ability to play a part in who represents us at a local and national level and we should all exercise that ability.

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