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Rise Rise Against

"In a world that rarely plays fair, our votes are a force that can't be ignored. We will be voting this fall to voice our dissent, and we hope you do too." -- Rise Against

Rise Against is Tim McIlrath – vocals, guitars, Joe Principe – bass, Brandon Barnes – drums, Zach Blair –guitar 

You can’t force artistry. True musical creations are typically launched via pure inspiration or serendipitous moments and ideas that are often baked to perfection through sheer work and dedication. Still, many musical artists have opted to churn out songs with a cookie-cutter, assembly line mentality, cramming albums with formulaic songwriting, by-the-book tolerances and the kind of bullish one-upmanship that’s more commonly seen in a corporate — and definitely not creative — environment.

But, as frontman Tim McIlrath confirms, there is no preset framework for the Chicago-based melodic hardcore band that refuses to adhere to any established norm in the music industry. McIlrath says the foursome —bassist Joe Principe, drummer Brandon Barnes and guitarist Zach Blair — simply engage in their album making activity without over thinking and precisely planning every step, and that includes the band’s latest release, Appeal to Reason.

“We took the same approach to this record as we’ve done to our previous records, which is actually a lack of approach,” McIlrath says. “There’s no approach. It’s just show up and let’s play. There’s no plan, we don’t map it out, we don’t decide on a direction. We just kind of let it happen real naturally. That’s how it happened.”

“We don’t have a set formula,” Principe concurs, “but what we do have is writing constantly while we’re touring. Any idea we have, we’ll try it. We don’t want to limit ourselves.”


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