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Song Name Artist Album Genre Time
1. Cat & Mouse Nikki & Rich Next Best Thing - EP Pop 3:07
2. Next Best Thing Nikki & Rich Next Best Thing - EP Pop 2:53
3. Same Kind of Man Nikki & Rich Pop 4:06

nikki-n-rich Nikki & Rich

If you couldn’t be a musician, what would you be doing instead?

Rich- I would be a motivational speaker cause I like to see change in people.
Nikki-I would run a bakery. I love to bake and eat sweet foods.

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Rich- Michael Jackson, for the simple reason that I am a huge huge fan
NIkki- I would say James Taylor. I love his vocal tone and all of his music

If you became President, what is the first action you would take?

Rich- would be to travel to foreign countries meet with the leaders and establish a better relationship with them. Cause I have a ton of one liners.
Nikki- I would make sure there are better health benefits for terminally ill people and those struggling with cancer who have astronomical debt.

What social cause is closest to your heart?

Rich- animal cruelty. I love animals and I don't like seeing helpless beings be treated poorly. That includes domestic pets and sometimes overlooked farm animals.
Nikki- having lost a brother to cancer I am passionate about families who have to walk through the pain of serious diseases and all the support needed during those times. I would love to be more involved in charities that help with the day to day needs of these families.

What does the right to vote mean to you?

Rich-the right to have a voice. Its Every American’s duty to vote because its up to us if we don't like how things are going to vote the people in that can make things better.
Nikki- as a woman I feel strong about the obligation in my heart to exercise my right to vote. Many before me have fought for this right and I value the opportunity to have a voice and make a difference.

What bands or artists did you listen to when you were in high school?  And which bands or artists influenced your style the most?

Rich- Led Zeppelin, Jay-Z and Michael Jackson. The artists who influenced my style are all of the above with the addition of Diana Ross and the Beatles.
Nikki- James Taylor, Chicago, Mariah Carey. I am influenced by Barbara Streisand, Barry Gibb, Diana Ross, Tommy Sims.

What activity or group were you involved with in high school that might surprise people today?

Rich- In high school I was on the wrestling team!!
Nikki- I was in the debate club!! I wanted to be a lawyer someday. A contract entertainment lawyer!! Ha!

What's the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in high school?  (could be personal or academic)

Rich- My need to rebel. I think I made a lot of bad choices being a stubborn kid and now that I'm a little bit older I wish I could have done some things differently.
Nikki- I was a nerd. I always sang at school. I got a lot of threats from that!!! I had to learn to accept my differences and not care about opinions. I'm still trying to learn how to do this!!!

Do you do any volunteer or community work when you're not on tour? 

Rich- I try to donate various resources to animals in need of homes.
Nikki- I have been involved in auctions to raise money for cancer patients.

What change would you like to see in our society in the next year?

Rich- I would like to see people get rid of their laptops! Reach out and call each other more. Open up to more personal communication.
Nikki- I would like to see girls given more positive influences for body image. The media is saturated with women who are driven with materialistic qualities. I would love to see more authentic meaning brought back to being social and popular. To see people being acknowledged for things other than shopping and surgery.

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