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1. Kharma is coming Kenna Single Pop 3:19
2. Long Gone Kenna Land 2 Air II: Imitation is Suicide Pop 5:04
3. Politics Kenna Single Pop 6:00

Kenna Kenna

After two successful full-length albums New Sacred Cow and Make Sure They See My Face, both compared to the likes of The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode and The Talking Heads, Kenna is on to his new venture in pop-synth-new wave-alt rock-sensations, coming in the form of a three-EP series entitled The Land 2 Air Chronicles, inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay on “Self-Reliance.” “Politics,” a collaboration with longtime pal RJD2, is the latest single from the second EP in the series, L2A II: Imitation is Suicide.


Nodody loves a Politician.  Nobody.  I mean, who wants to be around the person who is constantly and obviously networking for a living.  Someone who spins everything.  We all know those people.  They can be annoying for the most part.

The truth is, we live in a political society.  It not only influences our government, but it permeates our jobs, and our personal relationships.  It is embedded in the fabric of the world we live in. 

Everyone is in search of power. The manipulative means by which some attain that power is the framework of modern political pursuits. Sometimes we feel debilitated by these people and we allow them to own our confidence. It could be our boss, co-worker, "friend," acquaintance, local politician, or the candidate for the President Of The United States. They may relegate us to a weak category and play on our fears. They may guide us in the ways of their overarching agendas, but it is our responsibility to seek the strength to ask the big questions, and demand the respect of those who claim to be leaders. 

It is crucial that we protect others who may not have the means to read this statement online, or understand the issues overall. We must stand for something, keep politics in check, and cast our vote for what we believe in. This song is about understanding the disappointment of where we are, but never never letting go of the change we wish to see, and being a part of bringing about change for ourselves and mankind. Here it is, "Politics" by Kenna, RJD2 and Joanna Levesque.

This coming Tuesday… VOTE.

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