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chester-french Chester French

Chester French is the most critically acclaimed new group of 2009. The group's debut album, "Love the Future," has been hailed by Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and VIBE, and its free mixtape, featuring Diddy, Pharrell, Jermaine Dupri, and others, has been downloaded by more than 200,000 music fans around the world.

In the past month, the national and world media outlets evaluated President Obama's first days in office and measured them against his predecessors. Are the first 100 days a good barometer for judging a president's success in office, or is there too much focus placed on them?
DA - The first 100 days offer some insight into the President's priorities but I think too much focus is placed on them.

In your mind, what is the most significant accomplishment of President Obama's term in office thus far?
DA - I think his major accomplishments so far have been assembling a broadly skilled cabinet and passing the economic recovery package, which is an omnibus piece of legislation that I doubt he'll surpass in scale or significance during this term.

The economy is undoubtedly the top issue facing the United States right now. Has President Obama spent enough time focusing on the economy during his first 100 days? Do you think he has attempted to take on too many different issues?
DA - I think he has appropriately broadened the discussion of our economic crisis to include its many long-term root causes. I don't think he has taken on too many issues.

Upon assuming office, President Obama promised to forge a new era of bi-partisanship in Washington. Has he fulfilled this promise? Are Congressional Republicans holding up their end of the bargain?
DA - I haven't been following the news closely enough to comment on the republicans. Certainly in his rhetoric, Obama has held up to his promise, though. I admire his willingness to alienate ideologues on both sides of the isle.

As a candidate, Barack Obama ran on the idea of change from the Washington status quo and the failed policies of George W. Bush. Do you think President Obama has succeeded in differentiating himself from the former President?
DA - I do.

Now that the first 100 days at an end, what issue would you like to see President Obama tackle in the coming months?
DA - I'd like to see Obama prioritize education in a real way. I also think that as someone who understands and respects the constitution, he is uniquely capable of reforming our political processes. He is an exceptional figure who has made a good-faith effort to use our political structure responsibly. I'd like his legacy to include some sort of structural reforms that will force our government to remain so inclusive and responsive as his campaign and administration.

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