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1. Free Fall After Romeo Single Pop 3:30

AFTER After Romeo

About After Romeo

AFTER ROMEO is an American Pop group formed around the basis of life long friendships and trust. Blake English & TC Carter began creating childhood memories in Georgia, training together for their future big-break, while Jayk Purdy & Drew Ryan Scott sang in an acapella group throughout the inner city of Las Vegas, NV. Drew Ryan Scott discovered Devin Fox online and they kept in contact until finally meeting in Los Angeles. The band’s first single, “Free Fall” has been embraced by Vevo debuting as an Editor’s Pick on their homepage the day of release. Since then, “Free Fall” rose to #1 on and has been a staple in alternative video outlets like Wal-Mart, Costco, Footlocker and fast food chains. This fall, After Romeo will be the road headlining their own national Bully Proof Tour combining performances at malls and local junior and senior high schools.


One of the main problems politics face in society is the idea that the younger generation’s opinion has no affect on the major decisions in creating a better world.  After Romeo’s mission is and will always be to influence, inspire, and challenge today’s youth to feel comfortable in their individual self-expression.  They have even teamed up with a nationwide anti bullying campaign, Defeat The Label, to take a stand against hate and encourage kids to be who they are without limitations of the status quo.  After Romeo believes that many issues this country faces are a reflection of the voters that put such decision makers into office.  If we truly want to resolve these issues and ultimately change the world for the better, we must put less focus on adjusting the minds of current voters and more on providing a good strong influence to the future ones.  With their primary fan base being teens and pre teens, they take advantage of this perfect opportunity to inspire developing minds to express their thoughts with the belief that their voice can make a difference.

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