Rock the Vote Canada

Nicole Williams & Robyn Kowalski
Co- Founders

Nicole & Robyn are the founders and directors of Rock the Vote Canada. Voter apathy among their peers the 18-34 age group had long been a concern for both which led to their mutual decision to start Rock the Vote Canada (RTVC). They were attracted to the RTV organization because its longstanding success in increasing youth involvement in the United States is unmatched by any other similar organization. They admired how RTV has focused on empowering young people to get involved in the political process and believe RTV’s use of pop culture, technology and other multimedia tools is an extremely effective way to access the millennial generation.

Rock the Vote is a non-partisan organization, which is very important to Nicole and Robyn. Although they have considerable experience within political parties, their goal is getting young people interested, involved and ultimately invested in whatever political party is the best fit for them. Their experience within the political process, both during and outside elections will be relevant to other young Canadian.

They hope to see RTVC grow and thrive as young people across the country become engaged in the process. They both live in the Edmonton, Alberta area.

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