Do you want to start a Rock the Vote chapter in your country? If so, Rock the Vote can license its name and logo to use for your own youth oriented 501(c)3 organization. There are already international Rock the Vote chapters in Canada and Chile; help Rock the Vote expand further so youth around the world can be empowered and politically engaged!

To receive a Rock the Vote name and logo license, you must first fill out an application. Before you begin, keep in mind that your organization must fit the following criteria:

  1. Non-partisan: Rock the Vote is a non-partisan organization and no activities affiliated with Rock the Vote can endorse or criticize any candidate or political party.
  2. Encouraging Youth Political Participation: Rock the Vote's mission is to increase the participation of young people in the political process. Any Rock the Vote worldwide efforts must be in pursuit of this mission and work directly with and for young adults.
  3. Approach using popular culture,media, and technology to achieve results: All Rock the Vote worldwide efforts should conduct voter registration, civics participation education, and/or get-out-the-vote drives that generate enthusiasm for voting via music, popular culture, technology, and/or media.

Please contact Maura with any questions: or 202-719-9913.

Thanks and keep on rocking!