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Registration Information

North Dakota does not have voter registration.

North Dakota is the only state without voter registration.

But, the following criteria must be met to vote in the state. A voter must be:

  • A U.S. citizen;
  • At least 18 years old on the day of election;
  • A North Dakota resident; and
  • A precinct resident for 30 days preceding the election. 

North Dakota is a rural state and its communities maintain close ties and networks. North Dakota's system of voting, and lack of voter registration, is rooted in its rural character by providing small precincts. Establishing relatively small precincts is intended to ensure that election boards know the voters who come to the polls to vote on Election Day and can easily detect those who should not be voting in the precinct. Click here for a copy of the Voter's Affidavit.

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When can I vote in North Dakota?

Early Voting Information

In-person early voting available? Yes
By mail early voting available? Yes


To vote by absentee ballot in advance of the Election, you can submit an application for an absentee ballot online.  Returned absentee ballots must have an official postmark or date stamp on the envelope, email, or fax by the day before the election.

Note: Absentee ballots will be available 40 days prior to the election and will be delivered to your County Auditor's office, so you may vote early in person by absentee ballot as well.

Voting Hours on Election Day

The polls are open from:

7:00 am to 7:00 pm - with some exceptions

Please contact your state election office for additional voting information, or click here to learn more about voting absentee in your state.

Where do I vote?

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For more information, contact your state election office.

What do you need to bring?

North Dakota residents must present a valid form of identification in order to cast a ballot.  Acceptable forms of identification must verify your residency and date of birth. Note: P.O. Boxes do not establish residency and cannot be accepted. Acceptable forms of identification with residential addresses are: 

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Valid State Identification Card
  • Valid Federally Issued Identification Card: Passport or Agency Identification Card
  • Valid Tribal Government Issued Identification Card
  • Valid Student Identification Card
  • Valid United States Military Identification Card
  • Utility bill dated 30 days prior to election day with name and residential address
  • Change of address verification letter from the US Postal Service

If you are not able to verify your residency and date of birth by the forms of identification listed above, you still have the right to vote if:

  • An election poll worker is able to vouch for your identity and residence.
  • You complete a Voter’s Affidavit on which you certify, under oath, your identity and that you are a resident within this precinct. 

For more information, contact your state election office.

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