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Registration Information

The deadline to register vote in Minnesota is: Received by 5pm on the 21st day before the election. You may also register in person on Election Day.

To be eligible to register and vote in Minnesota you must:

  • be at least 18-years-old on Election Day 
  • be a citizen of the United States
  • have resided in Minnesota for 20 days immediately preceding Election Day
  • have any felony conviction record discharged, expired, or completed
  • not be under court-ordered guardianship where a court has revoked your voting rights
  • not have been ruled legally incompetent by a court of law

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When can I vote in Minnesota?

Early Voting Information

In-person early voting available? No
By mail early voting available? No


If you will not be able to get to the polls on Election Day, you may be eligible to vote by absentee ballot in person (or by mail) at your local clerk's office. You must provide one of the following reasons to vote by absentee ballot:

  • Absence from your precinct
  • Illness or disability
  • Serving as an election judge in another precinct
  • Religious discipline or observance of religious holiday
  • Eligible emergency declared by the governor or quarantine declared by the federal or state government
  • Military and overseas voters can also vote by absentee ballot

For more information about absentee voting in Minnesota, click here.

If eligible to vote absentee, you may cast an absentee ballot in person, at your county auditor's office (and in some cases your city or township clerk's office), beginning 46 days prior to Election Day.  Contact your local clerk's office to find out when and where to go.  Voted ballots must be returned by 5:00 pm on the day before the election (if in person), or by the close of polls on Election Day (if by mail).

Voting Hours on Election Day

The polls are open from:

7:00am to 8:00pm

Please contact your state election office for additional voting information, or click here to learn more about voting absentee in your state.

Where do I vote?

Find out here.
For more information, contact your state election office.

What do you need to bring?

You do not have to show an ID at the polls - if you are already registered and don't need to update your registration.

If you are not registered to vote or need to update your registration information though, you may do so at your local polling location on Election Day as long as you can provide proof of residence.  You must bring ONE of the following with your current name and address to verify your residence in the precinct:

  • A valid Minnesota driver’s license, learner’s permit, Minnesota ID card, or receipt for any of these
  • A valid student ID card including your photo, if your college has provided a student housing list to election officials
  • A Tribal ID card that contains your picture and signature
  • A valid registration in the same precinct under a different name or address
  • A notice of late registration sent to you by your county auditor or city clerk
  • A voter registered in the same precinct as you who can confirm your address with a signed oath
  • An employee of the residential facility where you live who can confirm your address with a signed oath

Alternatively, you may provide both 1) a photo ID (can be expired), and 2) a current bill with your current name and address in the precinct.   

**Note: Polls in Minnesota will be open from 7 am to 8:00 pm Central Time on Election Day. Some counties outside of Metropolitan areas may open polling places as late as 10:00 am though.

For more information, contact your state election office.

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