Donate to stop the war on voting

YOU ARE GETTING SCREWED. There is a war on voting going on and your rights are under attack. Politicians are trying to block young people from voting with shady new photo ID and residency laws. They are getting rid of things that make it easier for people to vote, like Election Day registration, early voting and pre-registration laws.

IT IS TIME TO STOP THE BULLS**T. In America, we rock the vote, we don't block the vote. Join our campaign. We'll send you updates and get you plugged into the action in your state.


Red = bad law passed
Green = good legislation pending
Blue = bad legislation stopped
Yellow = bad legislation pending

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What do you need to know about voter id?

Many states across the country have enacted new voter id laws. Our friends at the Lawyers' Committee have put together informational toolkits that provide a step-by-step explanation of how to obtain your state's proper voter identification. We know you don't want to show up at the polls unprepared, so click on your state for a complete list of what already counts as a voter ID and what you'll need to get a new one.