Swapping out graphics

For Your Registration Tool

Already have a Voter Registration tool
but want a different size button?

You may use any of the web banners we have available on our site. We ask that you find your partner id number (located in your "partner html code") and replace the one we offer under each of the web banners with your partner number. You'll notice the Embed code under each of the web banners. Within the code we offer, locate partner="X" and replace it with YOUR partner number. (partner=13 for example) Then paste the revised code onto your website.

Here is a step by step guide in doing this:

· Step 1 - log in to your voter registration tool (which allows you to check your stats, get your code, etc.)

· Step 2 - find the html code on your dashboard page and remember your partner number (look for the number in the first line of html code) 

· Step 3 - locate the Rock the Vote web banner you'd like to use

· Step 4 - select and copy the Embed Code (located next to or below the graphic)

· Step 5 - paste the code into your website, blog or into your content management system (In the sample here on the right we used a wordpress text widget so that the banner would appear in our blog sidebar)

· Step 6 - find the partner id=X and replace the X with your partner number you found on step 2

· Step 7 - save your updated page/post/etc. and test!