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Rock the Vote Official Publications

Polling Young Voters Volume IX 
20 May 2008

The latest volume of Rock the Vote’s Polling Young Voters takes a look at young voters’ top issues and issue stances, presidential vote choice, and communications habits. The report contains young voter poll results from recent Cook Political Report/R.T. Strategies, The Economist, Harvard Institute of Politics, Democracy Corps, and MTV-CBS News polls.

Winning Young Voters Handbook 
01 May 2008

April 2008 - Our premier handbook for campaigns, organizations, and parties interested in mobilizing young voters. This handbook contains information about the demographics and voting habits of young adults and best practices for registering and turning out 18-29 year olds to the polls.

Young Voter Turnout 2008 – Primaries and Caucuses 
05 Mar 2008

Brief summary of young voter participation to date in the 2008 presidential primaries and caucuses. Overall youth turnout has doubled compared to past elections, and young voters are increasing their share of the vote within both parties.

Rock the Vote Young Voter Poll 
25 Feb 2008

Nationwide Survey of 18-29 year-olds

Polling Young Voters Vol VIII 
19 Feb 2008

The latest volume of Rock the Vote’s Polling Young Voters takes a look at young voters’ level of interest in the 2008 elections, political party identification, top issues, and preferences for president and Congress in 2008. From recent RT Strategies, Democracy Corps, Harris Interactive, Time Magazine, Pew Research Center, and YouGov/Polimetrix polls, this report delves into which 2008 candidates are currently winning support from the large and potentially powerful youth electorate, and which issues are driving them to the polls.



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